• 2004-02-12



  • Slim Harpo - 'I'm A King Bee (LP- The Excello Singles Anthology)' (Hip O)
  • Sludgefeast - 'James' # 4 (LP- King of the Arcade)' (Must Destroy)
  • AMS - 'Drop The Beat (12")' (Nu Energy)
  • Little Killers - 'Butterfingers (LP- The Little Killers)' (Crypt)
  • 3 Inches Of Blood - 'Deadly Sinners' (Peel Session)
  • Pee Froiss - 'Djalgaty (LP- African Rap: Rappers, Rebels and Ragamuffins)' (Rough Trade)
  • Knarf Rellöm With The Shi Sha Shellöm - 'How I Wrote Mark E. Smith (LP- Einbildung Ist Auch Ne Bildung)' (ZickZack)
  • Read Yellow - 'The Art (CDR)' (Fenway/White Label)
  • Lionel Hampton - 'Three Quarter Boogie (78)' (His Master Voice)
  • Dub Syndicate - 'No Bed of Roses (LP- No Bed of Roses)' (Lion )
  • Storey Sisters - 'New Depression Blues (LP- Everybody's Tuned To The Radio)' (Center For Public History)
  • 3 Inches Of Blood - 'Silver And Gold ' (Peel Session)
  • Jawbone - 'You Got To Move (LP- Dang-Blues)' (Restless Natives)
  • DJ Kryptik - 'New Encounters (12")' (Restless Natives)
  • Skimmer - 'Girl From The Black Country (LP- Still)' (Crackle!)
  • Bob Dylan - 'Girl From The North Country (LP- The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan)' (CBS)
  • Vaults - 'No Sleep, No Need (EP- No Sleep, No Need)' (The Red Flag)
  • Cane - 'Teknotest (12")' (Arcola)
  • 3 Inches Of Blood - 'Premonition Of Pain' (Peel Session)
  • Talking Heads - 'Psycho Killer (7")' (Sire)
  • Decoration - 'Joy Adamson (EP- The Thomas Pink Session)' (White Label)
  • Bobby Conn - 'We Come in Peace (LP- The Homeland)' (Thrill Jockey)
  • Tom Costa And The Lamenters - 'Scalp 'Dem (7"- Barra Rhythm)' (SonyBotox Records)
  • Stanley Winston - 'No More Ghettos In America (7' (Jewel Records)
  • Audiotransparent - 'Two Sides (LP- Audiotransparents)' (Living Room)
  • Concord Dawn - 'Raining Blood (LP- Uprising)' (Uprising)
  • 3 Inches Of Blood - 'Conquerers Of The Northern Sphere' (Peel Session)
  • FSK - 'My Funny Valentine (LP- Continental Breakfast)' (Eddie Esta Records)


  • John_Peel_20040212.mp3
  • 02:00:47
  • Many thanks to B

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