• John Peel's Sunday Concert
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1970-04-12
  • During the introduction Peel announces that this show, featuring Taste and Atomic Rooster, should be a "goodie". Prior to the track "Gershatser", Peel explains that the title is related to an old episode of The Goon Show in which the Germans invent a secret weapon that makes shirt-tails explode, causing trousers to fall down! At the end of this track Peel comments that although Carl Palmer had partially undressed during his drum solo, full-frontal nudity wasn't allowed on this show.
  • The Atomic Rooster portion of this show was released, along with their set from the 24 January 1971 In Concert show, by the Angel Air label in 2000 as Live And Raw 1970-71. There is no acknowledgement that these are BBC recordings in the CD packaging , just a statement that these are "rare, off-air radio recordings", but Peel's links are intact on the CD which confirms their source.  The sound quality of the CD is rough but adequate, with the 1970 tracks being slightly less murky than those from 1971. The sleeve-notes state that the 1970 concert is the only known extant recording of the short-lived Atomic Rooster line-up comprising Vincent Crane (keyboards), Carl Palmer (drums) and John Cann (guitar).
  • The tracklisting for the Taste part of the show is taken from the BBC Peel site.


  • Taste live, recorded 1970-04-02, Paris Theatre
  • Atomic Rooster live, presumably with same recording details as above


  • File 1 begins
  • Atomic Rooster live
  • Friday the 13th
  • Gershatser
  • Winter
  • Shabaloo
  • File 1 ends
  • File 2 begins
  • Taste live
  1. I'll Remember
  2. Railway And Gun
  3. Sugar Mama
  4. Eat My Words
  5. Catfish
  • File 2 fades out


  • 1) Atomic Rooster | Live And Raw 70/71 @2000
  • 2) RoryGallagherTaste1970-04-02ParisTheatreLondonUK.mp3
  • 1) 57:14 (to 28:20)
  • 2) 47:17 (from 13:38)