• 2003-03-11
  • Peel asks for help identifying an actress he'd seen on television the previous evening playing a character called Olivia on "The Inspector Lynley Mysteries". John seems quite taken with her, saying that she had "the most extraordinary face I've ever seen on a human being." In due course he is supplied with a name: it was Neve Macintosh.
  • Andy Kershaw had reportedly phoned Peel recently and enthused about tonight's session guests.
  • John and Sheila had been to Portman Road that Saturday to see Ipswich Town play out a goalless draw with Stoke. (BBC report).
  • Later that same day, the pair had attended a surprise party held for a friend. This kind of thing does not sound like one of Peel's favourite ways of spending his time. JP: "If it was an option between a surprise party and rectal surgery I think I'd probably opt for the rectal surgery, to be absolutely honest with you."
  • John says he used to admire Dave Lee Travis on his BBC World Service programme ("A Jolly Good Show") for his ability to read out foreign names with utter confidence, even though he cannot have been certain of the correct pronunciation - "He'd just go charging straight through there. Of course, only the people themselves and their immediate family would know if it was incorrect. That was a great technique. You could say that it indicated a certain insensitivity, but I wish that I had that."
  • Peel mentions that his mum lived for some time in Jameson Street in Notting Hill, London. According to John, John Cleese lived across the road for a while. His mother "used to sit in her library window, as she styled it, and look across the road into John Cleese's flat in the hope she'd catch him doing silly walks and so on." Apparently, all the neighbours kept their distance out of respect for his privacy, so he eventually moved out, complaining that he lived in a street where nobody spoke to him.


  • Detroit Cobras #1. Recorded 13 February 2003. No known commercial release.


Trailer for Comic Relief.
Chat with Mary Anne Hobbs.
Starts playing the news jingle instead of the final track in the show (Wrong Track Moment).
JP: "That would have scared somebody in the newsroom."


  • John_Peel_20030311.mp3
  • 02:00:30

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