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11 December 1993

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Show Edit

  • 1993-12-11
  • JP: In case you're wondering where brer Kershaw is, cos he's normally here at this time on One FM, well I don't know what they've been telling you during the rest of the afternoon but he's laid up with what we doctors call 'squitters'.
  • JP: Incidentally, if you're listening to this programme in the hope of hearing a new session from the Fall - and I was hoping to hear a new session from the Fall myself - well there's been a bit of a kind of technical problem actually on the mixing front, but it will come up early in 1994 and if you're cross about it I'm pretty cross about it too. But it will work out in the fulness of time. So we have a repeat of a session by Elastica which went down extremely well the first time.
  • Show includes Ian McCulloch's match report on Liverpool v Swindon.

Sessions Edit

Elastica available on The Radio One Sessions, Strange Fruit 2001

Tracklisting Edit

4:30 News

5:30 News [end side b - 46m 45s]

Ian McCulloch phones in a Liverpool match report

6:30 News

File Edit

  • 19931211 Elastica a,b,c,d.wav
  • 184 mins
  • Another quality show from Uncle John

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