• 1992-12-11
  • The Unsane track is played from a borrowed copy of the LP that was a gift to daughter Alexandra on her recent fifteenth birthday.


(Please add details of any commercial release of these sessions)


File b ends
File c begins

File c ends
File d starts

(JP - "And a letter here from London SW2 and it says 'Dear Uncle John, Please play anything for Harold of St Martin's Hostel in Islington, London. He's in his 70's and he still listens to your show'. Well I hope to be still doing it in my 70's as a matter of fact. But if you are listening tonight Harold, how about the Fall.")

File d ends
File e begins

(JP about Huggy Bear: 'Really one of those classic sessions, right up there with the only two Slits sessions') [1]

File e ends

File f begins

File 4 cuts out during this track

File f ends at end of show


  • 1) 19921211 Huggy Bear & FunDaMental(2-4)
  • 2) 19921211 Huggy Bear & FunDaMental(1-4)
  • 3) John Peel 19921211c Huggy Bear and FunDaMental 128k.mp3
  • 4) John Peel 19921211d Huggy Bear and FunDaMental 128k.mp3
  • b) 1992-12-11 Peel Show L244a.mp3
  • c) 1992-12-11 JP L291a
  • d) 1992-12-11 Peel Show L244b.mp3
  • e) 1992-12-11 JP L291b
  • f) 1992-12-11 Peel Show L442.mp3
  • 5) John Peel tape no.43
  • 1) 00:47:02
  • 2) 00:36:25
  • 3) 00:46:49
  • 4) 00:47:04
  • b) 00:34:41
  • c) 00:34:19
  • d) 00:42:26
  • e) 00:34:53
  • f) 00:18:11
  • 5) 01:14:50 (to 55:20)
  1. They actually did three.

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