• 1968-12-11
  • John Lennon and Yoko Ono were studio guests. Their Two Virgins LP had just been released and they had spent the day before the show recording Rock & Roll Circus with the Rolling Stones and others.
  • Usual Peel segment was extended beyond its regular 1 a.m. close, to allow a few minutes with Lennon and Ono. Also gave an opportunity to play another track of the John Martyn & Harold McNair session.
  • Poet Christopher Logue also live in studio.
  • Show was rebroadcast in 2005 by BBC as part of Lennon Day memorial programming. See the BBC official page, including streamed extracts, here - "two great legends John Peel and John Lennon talking together in 1968".


  • John Martyn, #2. Recorded 1968-12-09. No known commercial release. Features Harold McNair on flute.
  • John Renbourn & Jacqui McShee, one and only session. Recorded 1968-12-10. No known commercial release.


(John Peel intro)

(Chat With Lennon)

  • The Deviants: You've Got To Hold On (single) Stable STA 5601

(Chat With Lennon #2)

(Chat/Introduces Two Virgins)

(Chat With Lennon & Christopher Logue)

(Chat With Lennon & Ono #2)

(John Peel Introduces Azerbaijani Music)

(Introduces Papa George Lightfoot)

  • Papa George Lightfoot: Wine, Women And Whisky (LP: Saturday Night Function, Rural Blues Vol.2) Liberty LBL 83214E

(Introduces Christopher Logue)

(Chat With Lennon & Ono #3)

(Chat With Lennon & Ono #4, includes It's Now Or Never by sung by Lennon, with JP humming along)

  • Traffic: Utterly Simple (from soundtrack of film "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush") United Artists UAS 5175

(Introduces John Lennon Poem)

(Yoko Poem, Film Chat, Wrap)


  • a) 1968-12-11 Nightride BBC Radio 1 (John Peel)
  • A bit more than an hour
  • Some versions of the show available online are divided into a series of mp3 tracks

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