• 1968-08-11
  • Show intro: "We've really got to do something about this theme music. On Top Gear this afternoon, we've got the John Dummer Blues Band, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen and Tim Rose. Our first record is by Ray Stevens and it's called Mr Businessman."
  • Excellent-quality lossless recordings of this show exist, reportedly sourced directly from the BBC master tapes that were made at the time. Unfortunately, most copies in circulation include all the session tracks and Peel comments but omit the needle-time tracks (i.e. the records). (File 1)  However, a reconstruction of the full-two hour show has now been made available by editing in the missing needletime tracks. (File 3)
  • The show also circulates as a one-hour edited mix with most of the first half intact. This version includes the records, but is incomplete and of lesser quality. No reference appears to be given below to this file.
  • An additional file appears to include the intros and session tracks to File 1 (in identical quality) but with the addition of a couple of the early records. (File 2). This may have been a first attempt at a reconstruction but might also be a less censored version of the master tape of the show. (Bill can you answer this?)
  • References are made to a couple of recent festivals and concerts throughout the show. The first Hyde Park free concert, featuring Pink Floyd, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Roy Harper and Jethro Tull, had taken place a couple of weeks earlier on 29th June, and has been described by Peel as "the nicest concert I've ever been to" [1]. Peel dedicates the first Floyd track to everyone who had attended that gig, the memory of which was "still spinning around in my head somewhere".
  • The other festival referred to was still taking place, and in fact JP had duties to attend there that evening: the Sunbury National Jazz and Blues Festival, at Kempton Park Racecourse (8-11 August) [2]. This explains Peel's quip about John Mayall being "entered for the 7:45 at Kempton Park this evening".
  • Two copies of the MC5 single played here were later found in John Peel's Record Box.
  • The first hour of the show was rebroadcast, minus the Pink Floyd session tracks, on BBC Radio 6 Music on 13th October 2014. Audio quality is very good but occasional audio dropouts during needle time tracks indicate that this is not a reconstruction.



(JP: "And all of you know of course about the Detroit "Motor City Sound" things (Motown). But there are other sounds going on in Detroit, made by a group among others called MC5 - the Motor City 5, you see. And it's not very well recorded, one of your underground recordings, but it is quite interesting anyway, although a bit derivative. And this is the MC5 and it's called 'Borderline'.")

Tracks marked @ available on File 1 and # available on File 2


  • 1) individual filenames for 28 tracks and intros
  • 2) 1968-08-11 John Peel Top Gear Radio 1.mp3
  • 3) John Peel - Top Gear - 1968-08-11 (reconstruction)
  • 4) 1968-08-11 Peel Show
  • 1) 01:04:14
  • 2) 01:13:14
  • 3) 02:00:08
  • 4) 48:21
  • 1) Session tracks only
  • 2) Many thanks to Bill! Similar to (1) but with a couple of extra records. Link restored.
  • 3) Reconstruction job, mixing in the missing needletime tracks to complete the show.
  • 4) Rebroadcast by 6Music