• 1998-09-10


  • Scarfo, #2 (rpt.) Recorded 1998-02-17. No known commercial release.


  • Six By Seven - No Expectations (A Rolling Stones song) LP: Beggars Banquet BEGGARS BANQUET=BB=21CD
  • Ben Grimm - Hitch Hikers Guide 12" Hitch Hikers Guide SMOKERS INC.=SINC=1222
  • Joan Of Arse - Pitched Beyond Hearing EP: Le Remuement Triste Et Lent De La Queue D'Un Vieux Chien JULIUS GEEZER=NO NUMBER
  • Scarfo - Good Cop, Bad Cop (Peel Session)
  • Sasha Frere-Jones - Steep LP: Standing Upright On A Curve SUB ROSA=SR=130
  • Spraydog - Kissy Lips LP: Citrus Bitumen FERRIC MORDANT=FE=4
  • DJ Rush - Reason 12" Reason FORCE INC. MUSIC WORKS=FIM=149
  • Nouveau Sonic - Singapore LP: Serendipity HAPPY ACCIDENT=HAPPYAC=01
  • Gayladds - Ladder Of Progress LP: Understanding TAMOKI-WAMBESI-DOVE=TWCD=1042
  • Scarfo - Sinatra Cars (Peel Session)
  • Frank Sinatra - I Only Have Eyes For You LP: The V-Discs COLUMBIA LEGACY=491027-2
  • Sam McGee - Ching Chong LP: Grand Dad Of The Country Guitar Pickers ARHOOLIE=CD=9009
  • The Freed Unit - Widdershins 7" Widdershins PICKLED EGG=EGG=4
  • Albert Ayler - Our Prayer LP: Albert Ayler In Greenwich Village IMPULSE=A=9155
  • Stass (Mike Ink) - Zwei 12" Zwei FORCE INC.=FIM=147
  • Jeremy - I Wish I Was John Peel's Son Compilation LP: Suction Prints
  • Scarfo - Americana (Peel Session)
  • Windy and Carl - Undercurrent Compilation LP: Kompilation KRANKY=KOMP=1
  • Hole - Petals LP: Celebrity Skin GEFFEN=GED=25164
  • Scarfo - One Eighty (Peel Session)
  • Stereolab/Ultramarine - Chinese Whispers LP: Chinese Whispers SPRAWL IMPRINT=SP=027
  • Capone - Friday 12" Friday WHITE LABEL



  • Track listing only

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