• 1995-11-10
  • Peel is mystified by a letter expressing disappointment from a listener who missed him speaking at Ilford Town Hall, as it's the first he's ever heard of such a booking.
  • Following the Puressence track, John invites votes for the 1995 Festive Fifty.
  • He apologises for being grumpy, and complains about having to pay £80 every Friday to stay in a hotel in Central London (since he had another show on Saturday afternoon).
  • JP plays the wrong session track by Distorted Waves Of Ohm, realising he's already played the one he had cued up.
  • He congratulates himself for realising that he was about to play the KG track at the wrong speed before he did so. Then plays it at the wrong speed.
  • Quote following Henry And Louis track: "There are about 9 million dub LPs around at the moment. Well, that's a silly exaggeration. 4 million."
  • Selected dance/internation tracks also available on file 5 and 6.


  • Heads, #1. Recorded 1995-10-22. No known commercial release.
  • Distorted Waves Of Ohm, one and only session (rpt). First broadcast 1995-06-30 (recording date unknown). No known commercial release.


Part 1cuts in 3:11 into track

Part Two

Part Three

  • (a rather wobbly start)
  • Minty 'Plastic Bag (12”)' (Sugar) #
  • Nub 'It Became Necessary' (Love Train Recordings PUBE07) Compilation CD/LP: The Camden Crawl
  • Distorted Waves Of Ohm 'The Solution' (Peel Session) #
  • Invisible Men 'Why Don't You Do Me Right?' (Estrus ES778) 7”: Hunt You Down
  • Heads 'Woke Up' (Peel Session)
  • Movietone 'Chance Is Her Opera' (Planet PUNK010) LP: Movietone
  • Orchestra Bwambe Bwambe 'Tumba' (ASL)
  • Lollipop 'Half Dead - Half Gone' (Amphetamine Reptile SCALE77) 7”: Half Dead
  • Jon The Dentist The Simirillion (Svenson's Trip To Gondor) (12" - The Simirillion) Phoenix Rising PHX 002 #
  • Blue Hawaiians 'White Christmas (LP-Christmas On Big Island)' (Restless)
  • Bardots 'Carrion (7”)' (Ché Trading)

Part Four

Tracks marked @ available on File 5 and # on File 6


  • 1-4) Peel Show 1995-11-10 pts 1-4.mp3
  • 5) Dat_094_JP-MIX_BBCR1-.mp3
  • 6) Dat_097_JP-MIX_BBCR1-.mp3
  • 1-4) 00:44:26, 00:42:20, 00:43:39, 00:42:50
  • 5) 04:04:12 (from 03:46:45-03:52:10) (to 03:49:54 unique)
  • 6) 04:04:38 (to 01:05:25)