• 2002-07-10
  • Early in the show, Peel asks for an explanation in "layman's language" exactly what a catheter is. He subsequently has to ask people to stop emailing in the answer because they are getting swamped with replies.
  • Peel mentions that the Nab Woodley gang had come to Peel Acres last weekend to start putting his CD collection into some sort of order, "and have promised to continue doing so until they are all sorted and I can find records that I want to play in the programme."
  • There is a competition in the programme to win tickets for next Wednesday's (17 July 2002) live sessions at Maida Vale by cLOUDDEAD and Boom Bip & Dose One. Peel is pleased to learn that one of the winners is Sheikh Ahmed, a listener who has been corresponding with Peel on a regular basis in recent months.
  • A promoter writes in to say that Blue Gandhi will be playing in Newmarket on 24th July. JP: "I've been wanting to hear them again actually, because I saw them in Bury St Edmunds once and liked what I heard." The band will also be playing at the Portland Arms in Cambridge on Monday 15th July along with some familiar names from the Bury scene, a gig that Peel hopes to attend. [1]
  • Earlier in the day Peel had taken a trip out to Forest Hill in SE London to finally met "Noel from Dub Vendor", a man who has kept him supplied with reggae records for some 25 years. He'd come away with 25 new records to play.



JP: "That's another one of the records that I bought from CD Drome Records in Barcelona. Incidentally, if you ever read in the papers over the next month or so about the shop being held up at gunpoint by an old bloke with a beard and not much hair and a bit of a stomach who insisted that the staff loaded their entire stock into the back of a white van with British plates - you know nothing about it, ok?"


  • John_Peel_20020710.mp3
  • 2:00:30
  1. Peel does not mention the gig in the shows the following week - 16 July 2002, 17 July 2002 and 18 July 2002 - so it is not clear whether he actually attended.

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