• 1997-07-10
  • Tape contains 1h33m of the 1h50m show
  • Tape files a and b are in the wrong sequence. JP informs us that "Babylon" is "the first from Black Dog in session tonight".
  • Peel describes Nelson Mandela as "the one man on earth that I would really like to meet."
  • Problems with the equipment affect the usual smooth running of the show this evening. Peel seems to be baffled rather than exasperated with the consequences.


  • Black Dog #2 (repeat). Recording date unknown. First Transmission 27 March 1997. No known commercial release.
  • Track "Decline And Fall" not present on the tape.


Part b
(JP: 'As I've mentioned before, in a decently ordered society members of Half Man Half Biscuit would be routinely carried shoulder high through the streets of every city they visited.')
(JP: 'This is from the Black Dog, this is called 'Julia'. Another one that's gonna fade in, I rather suspect... but it will be with us any moment now... Actually this is unprecedented. What is happening? It is going - (machine beeps) - there it is. I seem to remember this happening before, interestingly. (the track starts) There we go. It really isn't me, it isn't. IT ISN'T!')
(JP: 'I know you don't believe me and it's a bad workman who blames his tools, as I've said before. But really, the technology sometimes in this studio - and I think it's betwitched or something, I really don't know what goes on - but according to the machinery in here, this has 40 seconds to run, so if I stop speaking for 40 seconds, which I'm very tempted to do I must admit, there'll be a long silence and then an emergency tape will come on followed by a tune by Oasis, which you'd probably quite like to hear. But there you go, it's still ticking away, 28 seconds now you see. I should get into the rhythms (clicks fingers) you know, those rich polyrhythms... Anyway, there you go, that was Black Dog and 'Julia'.')
  • The Azusa Plane: 'Shooting Speed With Lou Reed' (LP 'Sounds From the Philadelphia Low Orbit Lounge') Lounge/Low Orbit
Part a
  • Azusa Plane: 'Shooting Speed With Lou Reed' (LP 'Sounds From the Philadelphia Low Orbit Lounge') Lounge/Low Orbit
  • Codiac: 'Zero' (?) Slant
The track ends suddenly. (JP: 'Oh come on! What has gone wrong? That's supposed to last for another couple of minutes. Hold on a second, let me just check this out because really I'm beginning to think that I am bedeviled. Well there you go, it says zero and it's by Codiac and it's on Slant Records and it lasted for about a minute and 40 seconds and yes it says 3 minutes and 10 seconds. Listen listeners, can I come round to your place? Things are getting very very deep around here indeed. Anyway, it's time in just a moment for the news as soon as I sort one or two technical things out here and after the news, with any luck, I mean who can possibly say? The studio may implode or something in the course of the news, I may disappear, I may burst into flames! Anything seems to be possible. But in the meantime let's have a go at the news, after which, if everything goes according to plan, I'll play you a track by Bill Ding.')
File 1 ends


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