• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1998-12-10
  • Peel describes the Boards Of Canada session as "excellent ... wonderful ... one of the best received of the year." He wishes he'd asked why the band have their name, even though it's such a boring question: "Why are you called The Beatles?" Wonders whether the name might be an anagram, as it sounds like a crossword clue. [1] Original single of session track Aquarius turned up in John Peel's Record Box.
  • Complains about the terrible smell of next studio ("it smells of corruption and rotting flesh and terrible feet and things like that..."), then realises it seems to have followed him in.
  • Thrill to a Tom Jones cover by "Swedish Elvis" Eilert Pilarm. Peel promises more from the LP the following week - "you can be absolutely certain of that!"


  • Boards Of Canada #1 Repeat of only session, first broadcast 21 July 1998. "Aquarius" and "Olson" available on Peel Session (Warp Records WAP114, 1999). Note: the version of "Happy Cycling" on the EP is not the broadcast version.


(news at 10:30)

  • Morocco: New Javelins (7" - New Javelins) Guided Missile
  • Flares: Foot Stomping (LP - The Golden Age Of American Rock n Roll, Volume 7) Ace
  • Piano Magic: Music For Wasps (7" single - Music For Wasps) Bad Jazz
  • Boards Of Canada: XYZ (Peel session)
  • Shook Yang: Death By Stereo (EP - Melodia Ultra) Lo-fi Sci-fi
  • Randolph Walker: Got My Plans Squared Away (LP: Bill Haney's Atlanta Soul Brotherhood) Kent
  • Billy Bragg: My Thirty Thousand (EP - Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key) Elektra
  • Cube & Sphere: Amundsen (LP - Great Norwegian Explorers) Disko-b
  • Capleton: Jah-Jah City (single) pre-release
  • Smudge: Breadcrumb Trail (LP - Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra) Half A Cow

(tape flip)

(news at 11:30)

  • Ratio: Motorcity Revisited (CD - Welcome To Central) Central Records
  • Bulemics: Die Tonight (CD - Goin' After Pussy: Teasers & Tidbits) Junk
  • Boards Of Canada: Happy Cycling (Peel session)
  • Los Paranoias: The Coolest Monkey (10" single) Soundclash
  • Simon Joyner: Ballad In The Past (2CD - Yesterday, Tomorrow And In Between) Sing, Eunuchs!


  • Peel19981210 Boards of Canada a.mp3
  • Peel19981210 Boards of Canada b.mp3
  • 1998.12.10 - John Peel Show - Boards of Canada
  • 1.01.59
  • 49.04
  • 1:50:36
  1. It comes from the National Film Board Of Canada, whose documentary films inspired the band.

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