The 101 Sharons were a "pet project" of Peel in the days of Dandelion Records. As noted by Sheila in Margrave Of The Marshes, he was never able to raise the funds to bring the envisaged ensemble into existence.[1]

Peel recalled the failure on his show of 02 January 1980, after commenting that the label had been a commercial disaster:

But had some good ideas - or they seemed like good ideas at the time - which fortunately I never got the opportunity to try and put into any kind of practice because they would have ruined me for all time. I mean. my greatest idea, my greatest unfulfilled scheme, was to get 101 women called Sharon into a recording studio and lock them in there until they recorded an LP. It seemed to me to try and make an LP with some intent other than a musical or a financial one was quite an interesting idea. Load of nonsense of course, and happily, as I say, it never came to anything...

Clive Selwood, Peel's long-time friend and business partner at Dandelion, was not unhappy JP had never achieved his ambition of putting a 101 Sharons album out on the label:

In hindsight, perhaps the apparent failure of Dandy could have been avoided if I had fought harder and spent more time and money on those acts with commercial potential. ... On the plus side is the fact that, had we been more successful, John would have pursued his plans to record Rancid Cyril & His Mighty Balloons and even possibly assembled enough Girls Named Sharon to produce the hundred-piece choir he envisioned. You were at least spared that.[2]

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