• 2004-09-09
  • Start of show: "Welcome to my house."
  • It's party night at Peel Acres, although not for working man Peel, as it is the birthday of Ashley, father of Archie.
  • The 1964 track by the Outlaws, featuring Richie Blackmore, is played following a phone call made to Hermeet regarding the guitarist. Peel claims the record is Blackmore's best-ever work.
  • Following an email from a listener who has been reading Brit Ekland's autobiography, Peel says he can't remember if he once injured Rod Stewart so badly the singer had to leave the pitch in a charity football match, although he admits this might have happened. He also reveals that he was nearly sent off at Wembley ("which would have been a boyhood ambition realised") for foul play in a charity game.
  • In response to the title of the final session track, Peel says he has never watched a Harry Potter film or read any of the books.


  • Liars #2 Repeat. First broadcast 15 June 2004. Recorded 2004-05-12. No known commercial release.


(JP: "Ride that wave, as we so often say on this programme.")
Starts playing Holkham again (Wrong Track Moment).
(JP:"What a man, what a man, what a man!")
  • Liars: If You're A Wizard, Then Why Do You Wear Glasses (session)
Starts playing the Liars session track again (Wrong Track Moment).


  • a) John Peel 2004-09-09.mp3
  • b) John_Peel_20040909.mp3
  • a) 1.57.35
  • b) 1:58:45
  • File a cuts out just before the end of the show.
  • Please address any re-up requests to the Peel Mailing List.

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