• 1968-10-09
  • Incomplete tracklisting compiled with help from Paul Bryant's Night Ride playlists and Ken Garner's The Peel Sessions.
  • The Peel Sessions lists Richard Neville (editor of Oz magazine and Peel's co-presenter on the TV show How It Is), David Black and historian Christopher Hill as studio guests.
  • The session is by Jackson C. Frank, a singer whose cult reputation has increased over the years. In 1968 he was a relatively obscure figure, having returned to the US after establishing his reputation on the London folk scene and recording a commercially unsuccessful LP for EMI Columbia in 1965. Peel featured tracks from the album on the Perfumed Garden after a listener had sent him a copy. Frank was persuaded to return to Britain for a few short visits, but spent the remainder of his career in obscurity, dogged by ill-health and misfortune, until his death in 1999.
  • Peel rarely played tracks by Joan Baez, preferring the musically more adventurous records of her contemporary Judy Collins. By the late 1960s Baez had long since split up with Bob Dylan and was better known for her political activism than for her music; but the Baptism LP, featured here, combined poetry, song and orchestral music in a style which suited the atmosphere of Night Ride.




  • Tracklisting only

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