• 1983-05-09
  • Available recording covers only around 50 minutes of the show.
  • Peel says he plans to stay at home the following weekend and "listen to ghastly demo tapes and answer your really boring, tedious letters."
  • Plays Charlie Parker after receiving the album in a large box of records from the UK distributor of the original US LP. Plans to play more of these, but says it would take about 22 years to get through the lot.
  • Was on the 1000th edition of Top Of The Pops the previous week (05 May 1983 (TOTP)), with fellow hosts including Noel Edmonds and Mike Read. JP claims both had around five minutes of the programme while he appeared for "about eight seconds" - "Mind you, I think my eight seconds were kind of cute, didn't you? Don't take a vote on it..."
  • Peel is advised to start lying abut his age.
  • Has decided to start playing the occasional old record from Two Tone - "It's almost as thought people were embarrassed about it, part of our past that we must try to forget, like an affair the young master had with a member of the kitchen staff... something that must never be discussed again in polite company."



File 3

File 1 cuts in

("Frontline" programme news) -

tape flip to File 2


  • 1) _299_830509b.mp3
  • 2) _299_830509a.mp3
  • 3) 1983-05-09 Peel Show L594.mp3
  • 1) 31.59
  • 2) 19.10
  • 3) 35:11 (to 09:53 unique)

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