• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1991-03-09
  • (Introduction to show, mood of Peel, interesting comments, etc). If possible, please add mentions of gigs attended, TV appearances, etc, for use elsewhere on John Peel Wiki.


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  • File 1 begins at start of programme
  • JP intro "What would it take to cheer you up tonight. A new track from The Fall? 2 new tracks from The Fall? How about 6 new tracks from the Fall, because that's what I've got. And another 6 in tomorrow night's programme incidentally."
  • Farm: Hearts & Minds (album - Spartacus) Produce MILK LP1
  • Sonic Youth: 'The Bedroom (Live And Previously Unreleased) (Maxi CD-Dirty Boots)' (Geffen) §
  • Ice Cube: Endangered Species (Tales From The Darkside)  (12" EP - Kill At Will) 4th And Broadway BRLM 572 @
  • Levellers 5: What's The Matter? (album - Clatter) Probe Plus PROBE 29
(JP: 'I left my glasses at home this evening, so you may occasionally hear me peering at things in the course of this programme. Not that I really need glasses, only for seeing.')
(JP: 'One of the penalties of course of middle age is that nobody wants to kiss you, at least not like that.')
(JP: 'Spunky kids. I like their style.')

§ tracks also on Best Of Peel Vol 24

@ tracks on File 3

& tracks also on File 4


  • 1) 1991-03-09 Peel Show R147.mp3
  • 2) John Peel 19910309 - 128 kbps.mp3
  • 1) 1:33:57
  • 2) 1:28:40
  • 0:06:51 overlap between the files so around 4 minutes missing

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