• 1987-09-08


  • The yodelling one is excellent, JP is a bit of a bugger on this one. Plays Icelandic version of Birthday by the Sugarbabies (or someone). Whatever happen to them chancers.........


  • Peel promises a Tyrolean night in the Peelman Bierkeller and doesn't disappoint.
  • The Travis Wammack track later turned up as a single in John Peel's Record Box.
  • Says many people wrote after the first broadcast of the Butthole Surfers session and said that the song titles were wrong. Points out that these were the ones given by the band - so they will be used again. The song titles as given by Peel are those used in the tracklisting below, but please note the following:

(User: Vibracobra23) (message)

  • I can confirm that the titles supplied by the band to Peel were all incorrect. Peel's statement that the band liked to change song titles, especially to confuse DJs, is correct. The tracks (in order of broadcast) are:
1. Concubine/100 Million People Dead (given as 'Graveyard', which is a different Butthole's track). This is definitely two separate tracks.
2. Suicide (given as 'Cherub'. Cherub is also a genuine but different track.)
3. Gary Floyd (given as 'Shotgun'. The song does mention guns and shooting and 'Shotgun' is not, to the best of my knowledge and unlike the other titles supplied to Peel, a different track, so would seem to be a genuine variant.)
4. To Parter (given as 'Florida'. Peel states that the song mentions Florida but this is not the case. 'Moving To Florida' is the name of a different track.)
  • Vibracobra also suggests the live recording may have been taken from the 1985 UK tour, rather than in Texas as suggested by the BBC site, possibly the Stowhill Labour Club gig in Newport or at the Ambulance Station on Old Kent Road on 9/10/85.



(more yodeling)
(yet more yodeling)
(more yodeling)
(more yodeling)
(tape flip)
(JP: And you’re probably thinking to yourself, “A lesser disc jockey would almost certainly follow that rather cheaply with a track by The Fall, but not old Peely, he wouldn’t do that to us.” You over-estimate me, I’m afraid.)
(more yodeling)


  • 1987-09-08 (Buttholde Surfers).mp3
  • 2.02.33
  • Many thanks to Julian and Kev!

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