• 2004-06-08
  • At the start of the show, JP suffers echo in his headphones. Once he works out which fader is responsible, he treats listeners to his version of snippets of Elvis songs... not realising listeners can't hear the echo!
  • There is a chatroom-only competition to win one of six copies of the compilation CD 'The Hospital Radio Request List Vol. 2' from Sink & Stove Records.
  • Problems playing the Hakan Lidbo Mix CD, which is attributed to fingerprints. JP's solution is to wipe it on his trousers, which does the trick. At the end of the mix "Bear witness unto the power of trousers listeners. If your CDs don't work properly, come and wipe 'em on my trousers and they'll be just fine, just fine."
  • Hakan Lidbo tracklist obtained from Phil's Mighty Database, but not verified ... help would be appreciated.



  1. Clockwise
  2. 16060
  3. Whales And Insects
  4. Reblastered
  5. The Snake Song
  6. Baby Let Me Be The Pig Tonight
  7. We Passed The Urine Test
  8. Life In Utahumbomb
  9. This Looks Infected, Doesn't It?
  10. The Square Root Of Negative One
  11. Aerosol
  12. Klangstudie III
  13. Geek Culture
  14. My First Honest Penny
  15. Beatbox RocknRoll
  16. Ond Saft
  17. Acid Express
  18. Shut Up, Dance, Smile
  19. Cyber Sex
  20. Flush
  21. Guess My Perversion
  22. Point That Thing Somewhere Else!
  23. UFO Attack
  24. Half Man, Half Lobster
  25. Shwanstooker
  26. Unknown Bodily Cavaties
  27. Biosynthex
  28. Spare Change


  • John_Peel_20040608.mp3
  • 2:00:30
  • Made available on a torrent by user bbrbr57. Thanks B.

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