• 1995-07-08
  • Never one shy to share his medical ailments with the world, John treats us to the story of his veruca (reproduced below).
  • 500 Box file contains 92 minutes of the show. Selected tracks, including the complete A Guy Called Gerald session, available on the mixtapes.



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(JP: 'That's A Guy Called Gerald in session for the first time, I'm ashamed to say, since September 1989.')
(JP: 'It's very good stuff, this. Excellent. If you're listening, Gerald, thanks very much for doing it.')
  • Flaming Stars: 'The Face On The Bar Room Floor' (Peel Session) &
(JP: 'While that was going on, I was attending, actually, to little medical duties, because when you get to be my age, it's the sort of thing you have to do from time to time. Nothing too unpleasant, but I've had a veruca for, well, at least 25 years, and it's never caused me a great deal of distress, and you know, you come to think of it as a bit of a friend, really. But it had reached the point at which it seemed to have been turning into like two or three different verucas all getting together in a bit of a huddle, and was causing me to walk on the side of me foot and limp a bit, and it made me foot sore, so I thought, really it's time to do something about it, so I bought some kind of solution which is probably banned under the terms of the Geneva Convention and started applying it. I've just pulled off like a huge chunk of me foot. All of the skin's gone white, there's a great black bit in the middle of it, and I think next time somebody says, "We're having a celebrity auction. Will you send along something personal?", well, I think I'll send them that. You don't get much more personal than a veruca. I feel bad about getting rid of it, 'cos it's like an old friend, in a way. Although you could easily say that the veruca could be dissatisfied with being attached to me. Who knows what a veruca thinks?') &
(JP: 'I know it's rather Clive Jameish (sic) to laugh at places that have got funny names in other countries, but that's based on a street called Sorterdam Dossering, which sounds, you know, amuses me, as the kind of simple child that I am.')
(JP: This is really good, I'm enjoying this a lot.')
(JP: 'I have to admit that I've never been really a great fan of Pearl Jam. I saw them supporting Neil Young in London last year, was it, or the year before, and I thought to myself, rather mannered pub rock. Having listened to all of the records, of course, dutifully, as they came in, I pretty much stuck with that, so I was thrown into a degree of confusion when I read that Pearl Jam and Neil Young were recording together, because I'm a great admirer, by and large, of the work of Neil Young, particularly the noisier things that he does, but it kind of comes off actually, as you probably know already, having tracks from the LP on Kershaw's programme, if nowhere else.')
(JP: 'Doubtless Kershaw will be playing more tracks from the LP on his programme tomorrow night.')

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