• 2004-10-07
  • Programme comes from Peel Acres.
  • Peel had passed Chris Morris ('The Day Today', 'Brass Eye', 'Blue Jam') in the street that day but had been too frightened to say hello.
  • Having played a cover version of Wanda Jackson's "The Box It Came In" on Tuesday night, Peel had gone out shopping the next day and bought a record featuring Jackson's original to play this evening.
  • Tonight's Pig's Big 78 was only played on Tuesday night's programme. Peel's rather sheepish comments afterwards suggest that this wasn't the track he intended to play in this evening's show.
  • Looking ahead a few weeks to when he will be taking a fortnight's break from the show, Peel is now lukewarm on the likelihood that Rod Stewart will present one of the programmes.


  • Fall #24. Repeat of session recorded 2004-08-04 and first broadcast 12 August 2004. All tracks included on the Castle boxset "The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 (CMXBX982, 2005).


  • Elmore James: Stranger Blues (LP - The Sky Is Crying) Camden
Programme content disclaimer read by Andrew Morrison.
Segue: a German language lesson taken from a crackly 78 rpm record.
JP: "Mary Anne Hobbs, if you're listening to the programme tonight, your present is installed here at Peel Acres and is illuminating the studio even as I speak, or the room we rather affectedly call the studio anyway." [1]
Another programme content disclaimer read by Andrew Morrison.


  • John Peel 2004-10-07.mp3
  • John_Peel_20040812.mp3
  • 01:57:34
  • 01:58:45
  1. A reference to the "Dream Dad" neon sign that MAH had bought to mark Peel's 65th birthday.

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