• 2001-02-07
  • The shared recording of this show features only the Gary Numan live session tracks from Maida Vale, with little in the way of Peel chat. JP had invited the former Tubeway Army frontman to do a new session after he performed ‘Are 'Friends' Electric?’ live on the special show on 19 December 2000 to mark 25 years of the Festive Fifty, his first session appearance since 1979.
  • The full show tracklisting presented here is from Lorcan's Tracklistings Archive and also appears via Google Docs on the 2001 page, courtesy of Phil's Mighty Database. Many thanks indeed to Lorcan and Phil!



  1. Rip
  2. Metal
  3. Pure
(JP: Gary Numan live on Radio One from our Maida Vale studio, sounding as good as ever – better than ever, you could say.)
  1. My Jesus
  2. Cars
  3. Listen To My Voice
  1. I Can't Breathe
  2. Down In The Park
  3. A Prayer For The Unborn
(JP: Well, thank you very much too, Gary. Gary Numan – the return of a legend to Radio One, live in our Maida Vale studios…. And we are hoping to be able to put that music without irritating interruptions from me but with pictures taken tonight on our web page. More information about that tomorrow.)


  • Peel_01-02-07__gary_numan_
  • 47.27.14
  • Many thanks to Roger!

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