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07 August 1993

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Show Edit

  • John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1993-08-07

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(11:30 news)
(JP: ‘No mention in the news of the rather disappointing turnout at Buckingham Palace today.’[1])
(JP: ... ‘on Friday it’s a repeat of a startling session from Hole. If you missed it the first time round you mustn’t miss is a second time.)
(12:30 news)
(JP: ...[silence] ‘Um seems to some kind of breakdown on the machinery there. I apologies for that. Let’s try this instead.’)
(JP: ‘I like their style, I must say, romping and stomping the whole night through.’)
(1:30 news)
(JP: [Trying to segue the next record.] 'Oh that would have been so good if it had been at the right speed’)
(JP: ‘I make these little mistakes deliberately, actually, so you’ll feel better about yourselves.’)
(JP: ‘We used to fall in heaps for that when I was young and lovely. Still sounds rather wonderful to me.’)
(JP: ‘Thanks very much for listening to this, here’s Lynn.’)

File Edit

  • Peel Show 1993-08-07
  • 02:58:56
  • Many thanks to the taper.

Footnotes Edit

  1. The state rooms at Buckingham Palace were open to the public for the first time in August 1993. Peel may be making a barbed allusion to the fact that the BBC at the time was going through sensitive discussions on charter renewal.

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