• 1979-08-07
  • Incomplete show. Promised in JP's introduction but not played on available recording are new Fall single ('Rowche Rumble'?), Teardrop Explodes, Starjets and Black Uhuru, along with the last few session tracks. (Some of these tracks are now available as part of T117).
  • Notes that new singles chart includes Specials ('Gangsters') in at #24. Madness are introduced as "their mates." Peel admits he didn't like 'The Prince' the first few times he heard it.
  • Show features three from the debut album of Outcasts, labelmates of The Undertones on Good Vibrations.



  • Twist: This Is Your Life (single) Polydor
  • Secret Affair: Glory Boys (Peel session)
  • Gaffa: You Know I Love You But I Don't Know How I Know (single) Gaffa 'n' Products
  • Heptones & Pablo All Stars: Love Won't Come Easy / Rockers Dub (12" single) Greensleeves
  • Chords: It's No Use (Peel session)
  • Head Boys: Shape Of Things To Come (single) RSO
  • Peter Hammill: The Old School Tie (single - The Polaroid b-side) Charisma
  • Outcasts: Clinical Love / One Day / Love Is For Sops (LP - Self-Conscious Over You) Good Vibrations
  • Ry Cooder: Trouble, You Can't Fool Me (LP- Bop Till You Drop) Warner Brothers
  • Secret Affair: Goin' To A Go-Go (Peel session)
  • Trinity: Hog And Goat (single) Belmont
  • Chords: Maybe Tomorrow (Peel session)
  • Swell Maps: Gunboats (A Trip To Marineville) Rough Trade
  • Jam: When You're Young (single) Polydor
  • Madness: The Prince (single) Two Tone
  • Lonnie Mack: Baby What's Wrong

(track cuts out at end of tape)


  • The Fall: Rowche Rumble (7" single) Step-Forward

(Kid Jenson preview – “music designed to help you unwind.”)


  • (1) 1979-8-7 John Peel Radio 1 (Incomplete).mp3
  • (2) 1979-07-31 1979-08-07 19790717a (from 25.45)+31 (to 25.45) (31-07-79000) misdated
  • 1.10.55
  • 31.11 - from 10.20 of file.

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