• 1967-08-07
  • This is a very brief selection from the first of the 3-hour Perfumed Gardens Peel was granted by Radio London in the station's final week of broadcasting. The music has been edited, but most of Peel's links are intact. A complete version of this show is said to exist, but has not yet been acquired by any member of the Peel Yahoogroup.
  • It includes a typical Perfumed Garden signing-off sequence, with Peel speaking over the Radio London signature tune "Big Lil". Despite the extra hour, "I still haven't managed to play all the records I brought down", he says. He reminds his listeners to "be nice to one another", advises them to say hello to Tubby the wombat when they visit the Small Mammal House at London Zoo, once again mentions the Perfumed Garden badge as a way of recognising kindred spirits and closes by saying "I love you very much indeed. Goodnight."


12 midnight - Willy Walker signs off and reads weather forecast

  • Velvet Underground and Nico: All Tomorrow's Parties (LP: The Velvet Underground & Nico) Verve 5008 (US Release)
  • Donovan: Guinevere (LP: Sunshine Superman) Pye NPL 18181 (JP - "as fragile and intangible as a bubble, isn't it really?")
  • The Bluesbreakers: Curly (single) Decca F 12588 (JP - "dedicated to young Eric Clapton, you see")
  • Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band: Sure Nuff 'n' Yes I Do (LP: Safe as Milk) Buddah BDS 5001 (US release)

3 a.m. - Weather and signing-off sequence


  • 5:41

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