• 1985-03-06
  • Peel seems to be hurrying through his links somewhat.
  • John Peel Roadshow is in Cardiff on Friday and Southampton on Saturday.
  • "Maxi Priest tipped for the top in 85 by some authorities."
  • Plays all 4 tracks from the Cocteau Twins EP "Aikea-Guinea".
  • Start of show: "Songs, sounds and style: yes, it's more riot-torn stuff from your Uncle John. Tonight, debut session from Maxi Priest and a repeat of our session from the Persuaders. Me? I'm in Pittsburgh and it's raining."


  • Maxi Priest, one and only session. Recorded 1985-02-26. No known commercial release.
  • Persuaders, one and only session (rpt). Recorded 1984-12-16. No known commercial release.


File b begins

(JP: 'Our Brian says that sounds like Radar Love by Golden Earring. She'll be given a good pummelling as soon as the opportunity presents itself.')

File a begins

(JP: 'On I think it was Monday night's programme I played a track from the LP Walking In The Shadow Of The Big Man by Guadalcanal Diary, and a Radio 1 person came down the following day to congratulate me on doing so and to find out more about it, being quite excited by it. She is at this very moment of course being re-educated in a sub-basement somewhere, having Howard Jones LPs played to her at deafening volume till her brain cells transmute.')
(JP: 'It seems to be taken as gospel by reviewers of both concerts and LPs that Morrissey's lyrics are whimsical and wimpy, but to me they seem to be direct and forceful where direct and forceful is right.')


  • a) 1985-01-23 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete).flac
  • b) 1985-03-06 John Peel
  • a) 01:48:12
  • b) 02:04:32
  • a) Incomplete show. Reception not so good near the start of the first tape but soon gets better. Created from T354, T355 and T356 of the 400 Box.
  • b) Complete show. Many thanks to brockleyal.

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