• 2004-01-06
  • Show comes from Peel Acres. Peel and the team will be setting off to drive to Groningen in the morning.
  • There is a competition in the programme, to be accessed via the show's page on the Radio One website, to win a year's subscription to Formation Records. Following their 2003 months of the year series, they will be releasing an anonymous drum and bass record every month in 2004 on the theme of signs of the zodiac [1].
  • The programme features the first Wrong Speed Moment of the year.
  • The subject of 'molybdenum phosphate' somehow crops up. JP: "I've always loved the word molybdenum and have dreamt most of my life of owning a piece of molybdenum. I don't know what it looks like, or whether it's fantastically valuable or radioactive and would kill me in seconds or what. But I want to be able to say to people, "this is a piece of molybdenum". Will it ever happen? Who can tell."


  • Cinerama #11. Recorded 27 November 2003.


  • Japanther: Leather Wings (LP - Leather Wings) Menlo Park
  • Arco: Happy New Year (CDR) (Demo)
JP: "I should tell you too, that in 2004 we're legally obliged to warn you that you may hear things in the course of these programmes that could cause offence. Frankly I'd be disappointed if you didn't. But if you feel that you might be offended, I suggest you turn over to Radio Four for programme three in the history of the deck chair."
  • Pulses: Numbers (EP - Little Brothers) Dirtnap
  • Beenie Man: Greatest Species (7") 40/40
JP: "To show that we're up with the news and all that sort of thing, here's one of the best records made by our latest have-a-go hero." [1]
JP: "Do you know I've worried about a lot of things in my life but that's not been one of them."


  • John_Peel_20040106.mp3
  • 2:00:30
  • Many thanks to B!
  1. On this day, Kinks singer Ray Davies had been shot and wounded in New Orleans after chasing after two muggers: BBC report.

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