• 2003-02-06
  • Programme comes from Peel Acres.
  • Peel grumbles again about his inability to play the new White Stripes LP: "I'm sorry I keep going on about the White Stripes, but the new LP really is excellent and it sort of hangs together really well as an LP in addition to the tracks being very strong individually. I'd just love to be able to play it to you and it really makes me mad that it's in this box here and I can't play it to you. Really infuriating! I hate the record industry."
  • John describes the day as being "strange" as it's son Tom Ravenscroft's birthday (23) but he is away snowboarding in France.
  • Laura Cantrell is to play at Norwich Arts Centre on Friday 9th May. Peel says he'll be there. Note: this is the night after Laura will be playing live at Peel Acres (08 May 2003).
  • During the course of the programme, John receives an email requesting a track from the LP "Move It On Over" by George Thorogood And The Destroyers. By an astonishing coincidence, he claims that he'd already programmed a track from it into the show.
  • John would like to play the Wilson Pickett version of the song covered by the Detroit Cobras, but this would entail an expedition out to the shed and there isn't a long enough record remaining in the show to allow him the time to go and hunt for it.




  • John_Peel_20030206.mp3
  • 02:00:30

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