• 1969-08-06
  • The Radio 1 Archivist was once asked by a member of this Wiki if this Nick Drake session was in the BBC Archives and he confirmed it was not. For a long time, even though an off-air recording (see below, tracks marked §) was in circulation containing short extracts from two of the session tracks - "Three Hours" and "Time Of No Reply" [1], no complete tape was known to have survived. In summer 2014, it was announced that an upcoming box set of a Nick Drake biography would include the 1969 Peel session on 10" vinyl.[2] The website for the British newspaper The Guardian, had received permission from the Drake estate to stream a track that had previously been unavailable: "Cello Song" [3]. With the discovery of an existing tape of the session, it was also identified that an extra track not listed on logs was recorded and aired: "Bryter Layter". Although of good sound quality, the session was taken from an off-air recording, thus confirming the claim that the original master tape is still nowhere to be found.
  • Also guesting on the programme was the author Iain Sinclair, then active primarily as a poet.



(JP: 'Nick Drake and his first number this evening, called The Time Of No Reply.') §


  • 1969 08 06 John Peel Show
  • 00:04:00
  • Many thanks to the original taper and sharer.

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