• 2004-10-05
  • There is a competition exclusively in the chat room to win tickets to an event at the Hackney Empire that coming Saturday (9th October), featuring Clinic, To Rococo Rot, Jamie Lidell, Mice Parade and Home Video.
  • Later in the programme there is another competition to win one of four copies of the Rough Trade compilation CD "Indiepop 1". The answer is "East Kilbride".
  • John mentions that the mother of Max Décharné, frontman in the Flaming Stars, had once written him a nice letter thanking him for playing the group's music on the radio.
  • Peel asks for help identifying an old American rocker who had featured in a photograph with a nonchalant Elvis Presley. John would like a copy of this.
  • The final session track from the Aphrodisiacs is a cover of a Pulp song.


  • Aphrodisiacs #2. Recorded 2004-08-18. No known commercial release.


JP: "I'd love to have been called Pharoah. What a great name! If I had any more children - if I was capable of having more children, I think Pharoah would be the name that I would go for. Boy or girl - Pharoah."
Instead of the news jingle, Peel presses something that brings up the sound of himself talking (Wrong Track Moment).


  • John Peel 2004-10-05.mp3
  • John_Peel_20041005.mp3
  • 1:57:38
  • 1:58:45

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