• 2003-11-05
  • Altered Images' Song Sung Blue, featuring Peel on vocals and whistling, is played for Louise and Hermeet, who had apparently been unaware of its existence until the previous week: "So I'm going to play it for them now. They will not have heard this before."
  • No Pig's Big 78 because Sheila was not feeling well and Peel forgot to record any anyway.
  • In response to an anonymous email asking if he likes art, John replies that Paul Klee has been a long-time favourite.
  • Given the date, Peel mentions that he used to own "a magnificent record" called "Fireworks". He can't remember the name of the artist, but a listener later supplies the information that this is by DJ Force & Styles. JP: "I would have started tonight's programme with it if I hadn't lost it a couple of years ago." He adds that if anybody has a spare copy, he will be happy to buy it from them.
  • Peel had been pressed into babysitting grandson Archie in the morning of the day before. "He cried continuously from the moment I took him in hand and didn't stop until I surrendered him again."
  • Perhaps not surprisingly, the track by Onion samples Wolfman Jack.
  • Son William was reportedly in Prague at the weekend.



JP: "One of the reasons I'm having trouble reading tonight is the fact that I lost my glasses in Brighton - one of the many things that happened there. I'm having to wear some very old pair of glasses that I used to wear back in the days when I was afore the mast in the South China Seas. They're enormous. It's like wearing a greenhouse on your face. Obviously a cause of much merriment around the building but I can't see through them terribly well."


  • John_Peel_20031105.mp3
  • 2:00:30

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