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05 May 1997

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Show Edit

  • 1997-05-05
  • (Ken) The special, pre-recorded Bank Holiday show from May 1997 featuring Blur visiting and playing live at Peel Acres. Not a normal show, then, but with some amusement and the second half - once Blur have gone - has some good records in it. Once again the mad Bridget the dog makes a starring appearance.
  • Note: this is of course a live, not live-live-live performance, as it comprises 2 levels of pre-recording. Peel's links and the live performance at the house on 22nd April; then the evident editing of it all together, including the rest of the show, seemingly live but not, at a subsequent date; before the transmission on a third occasion, 5th May. As such, it lacks that live presentation feel of the best Peel shows, but then plenty of normal shows were often pre-recorded anyway.


  • JP (before 'M.O.R'): "You're listening to Blur, recorded by Radio One at my house. They're great, I'm fat."

Session Edit

Tracks marked † were released across the formats as b-sides to the single 'On Your Own' in 1997.

Tracklisting Edit

(JP: "A few days ago, Blur came to our house, played football, had a look around the house, drank tea, played some tunes, had some food, then went home. It was an astonishing day. Let me tell you all about it.")
  • Blur: Bank Holiday (LP - Parklife) Food
(JP: "It's April 22nd... today on our calendar is Blur day... it's 8:30 in the morning... I've come out to walk the dogs... and already vans have started arriving...")
  • ?: Theme from 'Mission: Impossible'
(JP update. Bridget the dog barks.)
(JP: "It's now about 10 o'clock... Still no sign of the band... The Radio One live music team have arrived, nursing hangovers, which is their natural state.")
  • Charlatans: With No Shoes (LP - Tellin' Stories) Beggars Banquet
(Peel interviews two of daughter Flossie's friends.)
  • Supergrass: Richard III (LP - In It For The Money) Parlophone
(Peel talks to Ben, a friend of son Thomas.)
  • Shed Seven: Getting Better (LP - A Maximum High) Polydor
(More Peel talk.)
(Peel commentary update. Blur arrive.)
  • Gene: Where Are They Now? (single)
  • Comsat Angels: Sleep No More (LP - Sleep No More)
(Peel and Blur discuss his home studio and items from his record collection.)
(Peel, Blur and Steve Lamacq talk about demo tapes. John shows off his 1931 copy of Melody Maker.)
  • Kenickie: Nightlife (LP - At The Club) EMI
(Peel talks as the band warm up in the background.)
  • Blur live at Peel Acres
  1. Country Sad Ballad Man
  2. Chinese Bombs †
  3. Movin' On †
  4. M.O.R. †
  5. On Your Own †
  6. Popscene †
  7. Song 2 †
(JP chats with Blur.)
  • Wire: I Am The Fly (single) Harvest
(JP relates story of Melanie singing at the end of his bed when he had jaundice. Flossie then plays a Melanie LP at the wrong speed. JP: "It's in the genes.")

File Edit

  • a) Blur at Peel Acres 1997-05-05 pt1.mp3
  • b) Blur at Peel Acres 1997-05-05 pt2.mp3
  • a) 00:58:53
  • b) 00:55:26

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