• 1995-05-05
  • Two recordings of this show are available. The first recording (a) includes all but the last 20 minutes of the show. The second (b) covers the full show. 
  • (Jim on recording (a)) Initial impressions while ripping were ... not as strong as the 1993 PJ Harvey show, but still pretty solid, and seems to be the full broadcast -- with news & adverts --except for a missing outro at the very end.


  • ROC, one and only session. Recorded 1995-04-09. No known commercial release.
  • Donkey, one and only session. Recorded 1995-04-02. No known commercial release.


Recording (a) part one

Recording (a) part two

Recording (a) part three


  • a (Part 1) Peel-1995-05-05-a
  • a (Part 2) Peel-1995-05-05-b
  • a (Part 3) Peel-1995-05-05-c
  • b) Peel Show 1995-05-05
  • a (Part 1) 0.48.48
  • a (Part 2) 0.40.06
  • a (Part 3) 1.07.35
  • b) 2:59:47 
  • a) ripped and shared by Jim, a member of the Peel Mailing List, message #7486: "While looking for an old mix tape in the basement today I was rummaging around (the dust down there is life threatening ... there's no lengths I won't go thru) and ran across another Peel show - 2 tapes dated 1995-05-05. The result is this new rip from old tapes, probably requested in trade for something back in the day".
  • Recording (a) technicalities (as I recall) VHS > Maxell UR90 > Tascam 112MkIII > Roland UA30 external soundcard > Soundforge > wav > fraunhofer cbr 192 mp3
  • b) Thanks to Lorcan and his database for help in putting this tracklisting together. 

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