• 1988-01-05
  • Peel dedicates a Bogshed record to BBC Radio 4 comedy writers who he met 100 yards outside Broadcasting House after going for a walk. Instead of 'headbutting them under the bus which any normal person instinct would have done', he surprisingly found them entertaining.
  • Peel plays the wrong track from SDT and admitted he meant to play 'In A Groove' instead of 'I'm Right'.
  • Peel mentioned he played a track from Indian pop singer Sharon on last night's show called Aage Jo Hua, a Hindi language cover of Lipps Inc.'s Funky Town, which was played as the last track of the show. He then plays her Hindi cover of Bob Marley's No Woman No Cry called Hum Aajnabi Hai.
  • Peel mentions liking Bob's Piggery track, not necessarily because of the Pig connection.
  • Peel says that 15 years ago, he had his hand writing analysed with other BBC Radio One DJ's and the woman inspecting it mentioned that this was the handwriting of a 'dangerous neurotic introvert'.
  • After the Dub Sex track, Peel decides to play it briefly at 45rpm and mentions 'Is that the Primitives new single?'.



(JP: 'I hope 1988 would be a good year for Welsh language bands')
(JP: 'The whole world going like Sugarcubes crazy, I thought it would be worth dragging out the LP's by you know K.U.K.L., 'Kur-kull', 'Kyuk-klee', and this is Seagull from one of them')


  • 020A-B9405XXXXXXX-0100A0[1].mp3
  • 1:57:40
  • Recordings at the British Library

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