• 1998-02-05
  • Hmhb under the moon tv show half man half biscuit11:28

    Hmhb under the moon tv show half man half biscuit

    Half Man Half Biscuit on Under The Moon

    Peel mentions the Channel 4 TV show 'Under The Moon', which had been broadcast the previous evening. It featured Peel favourites Half Man Half Biscuit playing live in the studio.
  • Peel plays the Delgados track for the second night in a row.
  • During the chat with Mary Ann Hobbs, Peel reveals that he doesn't laugh at jokes. "I laugh at kind of life, you know. I love sitting in like, a cafe or a pub or something, just listening to what people say. That's what makes me laugh really, by and large, just observing the passing scene. Jokes never do."


  • Add N To (X), #1 (rpt). Recorded 1997-11-23. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'Do you know... I've done it again. There was going to be a great segue there... and with the side of my hand - this is so irritating when this happens - with the side of my hand I seem to have managed to switch it off again, just at the crucial moment. There you go. Live eh? Ha ha ha!')
(JP: 'That's Derrick Morgan on Crab Records from millions of years ago, 'Make It Tand Deay' is the somewhat mystifying title of it, but I think it's something to do with front bottoms, but I'm not absolutely certain. But then... let's move on.')
(JP: 'I've had another few hours answering emails and so forth and responding to people's requirements and requests - that's the kind of chap I am. One of the messages that I got from Stuart in Preston who's working in a petrol station. I tried to email you back again Stuart, but the machine somehow kind of just rejected it and sent it back to me in some way, which I don't understand, but I did have a go. But he did tell me about a customer that came into the garage while he was listening to this programme and thought that one of the records that I was playing was a fridge malfunction, which I rather liked I must admit (laughs). And the fridge has an LP coming out I think in March...')
(JP: 'Ends very suddenly... but at a time when records are getting longer and longer and longer and having less and less and less in them, I mean some records anyway by "well-known bands" said he vaguely, quite nice to have a bit of brevity.')
(JP: 'And a fax here from regular faxers Luke and Kerry in Brighton and they say, "dear John, please would you play more stuff by Fridge Malfunction. They sound cool." I'll see what I can do for you.')
(JP: 'Latin whistling, it's the stuff your dreams are made of.')
(JP: 'Almost unbearably pretty, that, and it will get a lot of play at Peel Acres over the weekend and in these programmes again next week. But I've just noticed it actually comes from a sampler for the forthcoming LP which I think is as-yet untitled... and it says release date June 1998. So perhaps I shouldn't be playing it at all. But it is so great.


  • a) Peel19980205 AddNtoX a.mp3
  • b) Peel19980205 AddNtoX b.mp3
  • c) dat_150.mp3
  • a) 00:46:45
  • b) 00:47:04
  • c) 04:11:50 (00:27:44-01:30:09) (00:58:22-00:58:37, 01:23:37 on unique)

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