• 2003-09-04
  • The show is broadcast from London rather than the scheduled Peel Acres, as Peel was too tired to drive home during the day. He explains why: the previous night's show had been pre-recorded and Peel had gone out with colleagues for an Indian meal to celebrate his birthday. Upon returning to his hotel at the end of the evening, he discovered that the room he'd been occupying had been given to someone else. The hotel was also full so they informed him that he would have to go elsewhere. JP: "I used language that I didn't know I knew. Just one of those situations where you think, by what bizarre process do you think this is an acceptable thing to do?"
  • There is no Pig's Big 78 in the programme as a consequence of him staying in London.
  • A James Griffith emails in to point out that despite having been on TV recently saying how much he hated the band Yes, he'd inadvertently played them on the show this evening; the track by Audio Estimations is a looped sample of "Siberian Khatru" from the 1972 LP "Close To The Edge". With reference to the wrong speed issue, the correspondent suggests, "for your next trick, how about playing an ELP track at 78?" Peel obliges on the next show, 09 September 2003.
  • Confusion leads to embarrasment when instead of the final Barcelona Pavilion session track, another Camera Obscura album track is played. The next track on the LP is well underway before the studio team realise that something has gone spectacularly wrong. The problem is caused by John having put the CD containing the session in the player without first removing the previous disc.
  • The official title given to the New Order medley performed by Barcelona Pavilion is "Regret/Temptation", but it also includes "Ceremony".
  • The Byrds track (JP: "Nasty people, nice music") is played because on the next show (09 September 2003), session guests the Keys cover it.
  • Peel's opening comment refers to the fact that his show was to be put broadcast later in the evening the following Tuesday (09 September 2003) to accommodate live coverage of the Mercury Music Prize.



JP: "Well thanks very much Zane and the rest of you. It's a bad thing about next Tuesday. It's happened to me more than once - it's what we doctors call a pisser."
JP: "I don't think they're up for any awards next week, are they? An oversight, obviously." [1]
JP: "The result of all of the activity in the middle of the night last night, trying to find a hotel room, was that I was extremely tired today and have been too tired to drive home this evening, which is why this programme comes to you from the usual studio rather than from Peel Acres."
JP: "It did occur to me in the course of that that I might be playing it at the wrong speed. But it was really good though, wasn't it?"
Peel gives the listeners a taste of the single at 33 rpm.
JP: "I have to say that I prefer it 45 really, at the wrong speed."
JP: "Yes, I know I played that on Tuesday night. Dialled up the wrong track, I'm afraid. But it's always worth hearing anyway." (Wrong Track Moment)
JP: "I have to admit that I thought I was going mad here, but... Do you know what I've done? It's that thing. I bet there are two CDs in there. But what is happening here? That's what it is, there are two CDs in there. [To the studio team] You will confirm that the CD player is above my head. We were sitting here thinking, this is Camera Obscura and it's supposed to be the Barcelona Pavilion. Oh well. I don't know what this is going to do to our timing, apart from mess it up a bit." (Wrong Track Moment)


  • John_Peel_20030904.mp3
  • 2:00:30
  • Thanks to B!
  1. The Mercy Music Prize ceremony was to be held the following Tuesday. It was won in this year by Dizzee Rascal. BBC report.
  2. A crackly recording of what could well be another episode of the American radio series 'Inner Sanctum Mystery' (see next segue).
  3. Peel gives the name of the LP as 'Paws Across America', but this is apparently the title written only on the spine of the CD.
  4. The link in the segue is another extract from a recording of the American radio series 'Inner Sanctum Mystery', namely the episode 'The Vengeful Corpse' from 1949. (Link to script.) Extracts were also used by Peel on 24 September 2002, 19 November 2002, 21 January 2003 and 19 February 2003.

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