• 1979-10-04


  • Vitus Dance First and only session, recorded 1979-09-25.


JP: "No disrespect intended of course, Rory, but whilst that was going on we here in the studio had a most absorbing discussion about dandruff and its possible cure."
JP: "These are the Ruts... listen to this carefully and tell me if you don't at times think that they sound like Thin Lizzy. You'll probably say that's nonsense but I think they do on occasion."
JP: "Whenever American girls used to give me their phone numbers in the days when I lived in the States, they always turned out to be phone numbers of dial-a-prayer organisations and they'd start up with (adopts American accent) 'you have a friend in the Lord Jesus'. Terribly disconcerting if you're hoping for a date."
JP: "How embarrassing it is that everytime I try to say anything to justify my reputation as an authority I make an appalling mess of it - which brings us to a singularly apt title from Vitus Dance."
JP: "Walters and myself were trying to think of a song that could be described as disgusting. In the absence of any tunes about Walters' bodily orifices we settled for babies in jars."
(end of show / midnight news read by Vivien Stuart)


  • 1979-10-04 John Peel Radio 1.flac
  • 01:57:30
  • T158 of the 400 Box
  • Complete show apart from the first track is missing and a short gap where tape flips happen.

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