• 2002-06-04
  • In reply to an email from a listener, JP says one of the best gigs he's ever seen was Pink Floyd at Mothers.
  • Peel previews the upcoming Sex Clark Five session (broadcast 11 June 2002), which will feature all T-Rex tunes (“for some reason or other”), by playing one of the original tracks.
  • A listener asks if a steam engine called John Peel at the East Anglian Railway Museum was named after our host: “I think it must be the other John Peel, famed in folksong and legend. It would be good to have a train named after you I suppose, but it’s not me.” Posthumously, Peel did in fact get a train named after him.
  • The World Cup has kicked off. Over the weekend, a highpoint for Sheila was Ipswich’s Matt Holland scoring for Ireland in the 1-1 draw against Cameroon. Peel says he was playing the Baucom Bibey & BlueRidge album as the ball hit the back of the net.
  • The album of Black Sabbath covers in Latin by Estonian outfit Rondellus was supplied to Peel by Terrorizer magazine.
  • News: The queen’s golden jubilee celebrations come to an end.


  • Nina Nastasia, #1. Recorded 2002-05-03 in France at same time as third album and engineered by Steve Albini. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'The sort of novelty nonsense on which this programme thrives.')
(JP: 'And this I think is a gorgeous record...I sound like Bob Harris when I say that, I must stop doing that.')


  • a) John_Peel_20020604
  • b) John Peel (Nina Nastasia Session) 03.05.00 (NB Note incorrect file date)
  • a) 02:00:30
  • b) 00:03:44, 00:02:53, 00:01:45, 00:03:16
  • a) Many thanks to B!
  • b) Session tracks with links - 320 kbps (zip file)

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