• 2001-01-04


  • Records only


  • Milloy - Kingsway Closed EP: Auto Dribble Crackle Records
  • Psychosis - Cross-Fire EP: Freefall TROUBLE ON VINYL=TOV=54
  • Ash - Shining Light CD single: Shining Light INFECTIOUS=INFECT=98
  • Busker - Vicky Demo CD
  • Johnny Taylor - Woman Across The River Compilation LP: Who's Making Love Stax Records
  • Electrelane - Gabriel Single: Gabriel Let's Rock Records
  • The Bees - No Trophy 7" WE LOVE YOU=AMOUR=85
  • Decomposed Subsonic - Plastik 12" Ware Records
  • The Convocation Of - Beyond LP: The Convocation Of... GOLD STANDARD=GSL=NO NUMBER
  • Cody - August Song LP: Still Point Primer Shinkansen Records
  • J Denham - Beatbox 12" Smoke & Mirrors Disko B Records
  • Maraca 5-O - Sound Mash LP: Headin' South At 110 Per Smooch Records
  • The Inkspots - Thoughtless 78:
  • Harper Lee - Bug 7" Matinee Records
  • Fotomoto - Medeo CD:
  • The Hellacopters - Whole Lot Of Shakin' In My Heart Since I Met You EP: White Trash Soul Bad Afro Records
  • The Last Post - Until The Heart Give Way LP: Love Lost Bright Star Records
  • Total Science - Street Level EP: Street Level Renegade Hardware Records
  • Cex - Wall Street Kid LP: Role Model Tigerbeat Records
  • The Mispelt - Say Goodbye EP: Same Shit Different Day
  • The Church Steps - Brisbane Cat 7" Static Caravan Records
  • John Lee Hooker - Canal Street Blues LP: Solid Sender Charly Records
  • Naz & Mad Max - Zero 12" Shock Records
  • ABBC - En Route To The Blanchisserie LP: Tete A Tete Wabana Records
  • The Amor Belhom Duo - Reminds Me Of... LP: Amor Belhom Duo Normandie Dream/Ici Dayare Records
  • Robert Lee - Stride 7" Channel One Records
  • Paul Quinishette - Sandstone
  • The Boredoms =Track 2= LP: Vision Creation Newsun BIRDMAN=BMR=028




  • Tracklisting only

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