• John Peel's Sunday Show
  • 1971-04-04
  • The one-hour programme was devoted to the Led Zeppelin live set, which was officially released, with a different tracklisting as the second CD of the band's BBC Sessions compilation. Tracklisting below is as broadcast.
  • As noted by Ken Garner in The Peel Sessions (pg. 71), the available recording shows the audience to be unfamiliar with 'Stairway To Heaven', which the band had only started performing live the previous month. The song, released seven months later on the band's fourth album, would take top spot in the inaugural 1976 Festive Fifty.
  • The official release, and this recording, include a short introduction from Peel: "This is something we've waited for a long time on this show, and I know it is all going to be well worth the wait. So would you welcome please, Led Zeppelin!"
  • As a comment on John Peel, a number of us turned up as non-ticket holders, and, not surprisingly, failed to get entry, as all ticket holders showed. However, Peel rang the Marquee, and arranged that we could get free entry that night, where Argent were playing: small consolation, but thanks John!



  1. Communication Breakdown
  2. Dazed And Confused
  3. Going To California
  4. Stairway To Heaven
  5. What Is and What Should Never Be
  6. Whole Lotta Love (Medley): Boogie Chillun' / Fixin' To Die / That's Alright Mama / A Mess Of Blues


  • 1977-08-05 John Peel BBC Radio 1 (Led Zeppelin 1971).mp3
  • 59:07 (56:22 from this show, file ends with a contemporary 1977 single)
  • Recording is taken from 05 August 1977 where the concert including intro from John was repeated
  • See "Comments" section above.

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