• 2003-09-03
  • Start of show: "It's showtime!"
  • A solo show from Peel Acres, "No Louise, no Hermeet, though my body aches with desire for them both."
  • JP is unsure whether the Camera Obscura track is a Leonard Cohen song and if it isn't, "it's the best pastiche of one I've ever heard."
  • The Pig's Big 78 is a birthday gift from producer Louise.
  • The New Order track will be covered in the session by Bacelona Pavilion in the following evening's show (04 September 2003).


  • Gossip #1 First broadcast. Recorded 2003-08-20.


  • Amen Andrews - 'Guilty (EP - Amen Andrews Vol. 05)' (Rephlex)
  • Kill Kenada - 'Choke ((7")' (SUBverse)
  • Jeff Mills - 'The Extremist (LP - Tresor Never Sleeps)' (Tresor)
(JP: "Here we are something like 13 minutes into the show - unlucky for some! - and still no steel guitar. Let's set that to rights.")
(JP expresses disappointment with the latest Diblo Dibala album for being too slick, "a bit George Benson", and plays an old track by the guitar master instead.)
(JP:"One of the very few records that I've ever seen that credits a triangle player, and it was Carol Rashou in case you were wondering and I'm sure that some of you will have been.")
  • Over Rocket - 'Trick (EP - Duralumin)' (NEON)
  • Camera Obscura - 'Your Picture (LP - Under Achievers Please Try Harder)' (Elefant)
  • The Hospitals - 'Don't Panic (LP - The Hospitals)' (In The Red)
  • Freddy Fresh - 'Left To Right (EP - Bowling With Mike)' (Howlin)
  • Interactive - 'Far Away (12")' (High Lite)
  • Gossip - 'Ain't It The Truth (Session track)' (Peel Session)
  • The Mover - 'Burning Universe (LP - Frontal Frustration)' (Tresor)
  • Junior Byles - 'Fade Away (LP - Ian Brown: Under The Influence)' (DMC (white labels))
  • Miss Black America - 'Drowning By Numbers (7")' (Repeat)
  • New Order - 'Temptation (LP - Substance)' (Factory)
(JP: "In this studio here at Peel Acres I record programmes for radio stations in Germany and Finland, amongst other things, and every once in a while when I've mistimed things - and often that is the case - I have to leap up and find a record out of the shelves behind me to put in the programme. Because of my extraordinary economy of style in tonight's programme, I have got time to put in an extra tune, so I rushed in there and thrust my hand into the shelves and pulled out record number 2862 - I'm enough of a twerp to have filing system for them - and record 2862 a bit of a kind of krautrock classic really - Tangerine Dream's Electronic Meditation - which had got a balloon fixed into the cover of it, and my balloon is still there, green and of course pretty much rigid now - whether you cared about that... But here are some moments from the LP anyway.")


  • John_Peel_20030903.mp3

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