• 2002-09-03
  • John promises not to talk about his 63rd birthday (but that doesn't stop him mentioning how good Melys were in their live set and playing a Mick Ashman present).
  • In response to a listener who asks Peel to play a record at the wrong speed for his son: "I'm not entirely sure that I like your tone." And to another who claimed he was trying to get his new girlfriend into them: "All I would say is, it's not worth forming an association with somebody who doesn't like half Man Half Biscuit."
  • No Pig's Big 78 in this show, as Sheila was unwell.


  • Half Man Half Biscuit, #11. Recorded 2002-06-23 (although band diaries suggest 2002-07-24, live in one take, the same day as a Kershaw session). [1] No known commercial release.


(JP: 'The first number from Half Man Half Biscuit. God alone knows how many sessions they've done for the programme, probably not enough, over the years. This is as it were the other half of one that they did for Andy Kershaw's programme on Radio 3. It was recorded in Manchester.') [3]
(JP: 'Well, who knows what this is?')
(JP: 'I'm sorry I keep whinging about the state of the studio. The thing is that obviously we get moved around from one studio to another, and while we're being moved around, they'll be changing the ones that we've moved from, so once we're moved back to them the following night, they'll be completely different. Also, people come in here to use the studios, obviously they're not just here for my benefit, but will have kind of re-organised everything to suit themselves, so you'll come in, and you press a button you think's going to play a record and it'll do something like bottle mulberries or iron a shirt or something like that, which is handy, but when you want it to play a record and it doesn't, it's fairly frustrating. I'm not really terribly good at technology, as regular listeners will have spotted already. It's maddening: I never really know what's going to happen when I press a button.')
(JP: 'Actually he told me as well, but I ignored him.')


  • a) John Peel (Half Man Half Biscuit Session) 23.06.02
  • b) 2002-09-03 John_Peel.mp3
  • c) 3 Sep 2002
  • a) 00:02:22, 00:03:16, 00:03:03, 00:03:11
  • b) 01:59:32
  • c) 01:57:54
  1. The Peel Sessions, p.291.
  2. Birthday present from Mick Ashman.
  3. John then wrongly announces the track as 'The Light At The End Of The Tunnel.'

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