• 1979-09-03
  • "My eyes just about returning to their normal colour after my birthday celebrations."
  • Peel introduces session band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark as "The Electricity Boys" in reference to the group's debut single. During the show he referes to them as just "Orchestral Manoeuvres".
  • He mentions at the beginning of the show that the Leyton Buzzards have now become just "The Buzzards".
  • Four tracks from the Slits debut LP are in the show.
  • Correspondence from the group IQ Zero reveal that they had apparently travelled down to London in an unsuccesful attempt to meet Peel.
  • Peel has received a package of records from Australia. He plays three in a row this evening (→ ↑ → to Mopsie Beans) with three more on the following two nights.



JP: "I think it's absolutely wonderful the way things are devolving out of London. I mean, they've been devolving for several years now and devolving also away from large record companies, who in many cases get a little panic-stricken I think and start to blame it on other factors."
  • file a cuts out
  • Slits: Ping Pong Affair (LP - Cut) Island
  • Slits: Love And Romance (LP - Cut) Island
  • Slits: Adventures Close To Home (LP - Cut) Island
  • file b tape flip
  • Bunny Wailer: Rock In Time (single) Solomonic
  • IQ Zero: Insects (7") Object Music
JP: "Living out in the country as I do, our house is so full of spiders and beetles and things that we've finally given up trying to persuade them to leave and just let 'em enjoy the house in the same way that we do... what an old hippy I am!"


  • (a) 1979-09-03 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete) DB105.mp3
  • (b) John Peel 1979-09-03 incomplete.mp3
  • (a) 01:34:49
  • (b) 00:39:56
  1. Band also known as Tsk Tsk Tsk.

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