• 2001-10-03
  • Start of show: “It’s Melt-Banana night at Maida Vale!”
  • As might be expected, Peel is wildly enthusiastic about his Japanese session guests. Says he tried to persuade all his family to come down to see them, but only Tom was able to make it.
  • The Hives album arrived with Peel that afternoon. Says he thinks he’s played one or two tracks by the band before.



JP: As regular listeners to these programmes will know, we try at all times to avoid hyperbole, but our guests tonight here in our Maida Vale studios, truly one of the world’s great bands. And I do think that people who are here with us are going to be in 30 or 40 years time bragging about the time they saw them play at Maida Vale, and hopefully those of you listening on the radio will have a similar reaction. This is the extraordinary Melt-Banana!

  1. WEDGE
  2. Seesaw Seminology
  3. RRaGG
  4. FDC For Short
  5. Free The Bee
  6. Flash Cube Or Eyeball
  7. Ethar Twisted
  8. First Contact To Planet Q
  9. Warp, Back Spin
  10. Third Attack
  11. Flip And Hit
  12. Stimulus For Revolting Virus
  13. Tintarella di Luna
  14. Lost In Mirror
  15. Spathic
  16. Plot In A Pot


  • 53. John Peel 03-10-01.mp3
  • 2.00.28

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