• 1991-11-03
  • File a, one of Phil's tapes, contains the first 94 minutes of the show, uncut.
  • L050 and L041 contain mostly the rock/guitar edit of the show.
  • L013 is the dance edit of the show, though with one track on L056 which is the next dance edit tape.
  • Splicing of the above into the running order in the second half of the show is slightly speculative but there is some evidence of the order from Peel Mid Autumn 1991.
  • L037 contains the PJ Harvey session tracks alone: marked ¶.
  • Competition to invent a name for the untitled Nirvana piece (but changed to naming the title of the first LP): it turned up as a hidden track on Nevermind.



File a begins

  • (JP list of artistes upcoming on this programme is cut off by the Pig's "get on with it" to which he caves in - 'Oh alright then')
  • Red Hour: Spin Out () Wilde Club (JP - 'an appropriate title in the wake of the Australian Grand Prix. And staying with spinning ...')
  • Alick Nkhata: Taxi Driver (album - Shalapo) RetroAfric £
  • Firehouse: Anti-mysogeny Manouevre (album - Flying The Flannel) £
  • PJ Harvey: 'Oh My Lover' (Peel Session) § ¶ £
  • D Code: Missing Number 3 (Divorce) Two Hearts Beat
  • Leatherface: You Are My Sunshine (b-side) Roughneck (JP - Progressive Rock or I'm a Dutchman) £
  • Fatima Mansions: Behind The Moon (EP - Berties Brochures) £
  • Ruthless Rap Assassins: Radio (album - Think, It Ain't Illegal Yet) #
  • Rocking Birds: You Good Girls Gonna Go Bad () Clawfist £
  • MC Buzz B: 'Never Change' £
  • Nirvana: 'Dumb' (Peel Session) § £
  • Interstellar: Century (single) MCA #

File e starts here

File a ends

  • edit on File e next batch is around 14 minutes
  • Dawson: 'The Sort Of Man A Mother Would Like Her Daughter To Marry (7" EP-Let's Live Part 2)' (X Tune Tonklage)
  • Armageddon: 'Whiplash (12"-Hellraiser EP Vol. 1)' (Hardcore Urban Music) #
  • Nirvana: 'No Title As Yet (Endless, Nameless)' (Peel Session) §

File e ends
File f begins

(JP: 'This is the sort of thing we old hippies used to go mad for.')
(JP: 'More nudes, knees and knockabout from me next weekend.')

  • § available on Peel Mid Autumn 1991 and # on L013: Running order of last L013 tracks speculative. The Johnny Clarke number definitely comes between Sheela-Na-Gig and Water and the following two L013 tracks must come in subsequent gaps. The gaps on the main file that have cut-off intros are used to insert the L013 tracks. & on L056
  • £ available on L050


  • a) John Peel 19911103 - 128 kbps.mp3
  • b) 1991-11-03 PJ Harvey session (edited) L037~
  • c) L013a.mp3
  • d) 1991-10-xx-11-03 Peel Mid Autumn 1991
  • e) L041.1
  • f) L041.2
  • g) L050.2
  • h) L056.1
  • a) 01:35:00
  • b) 00:16:07
  • c) 00:44:35 (from 12:35)
  • d)
  • e) 00:45:43
  • f) 00:41:47
  • g) 00:44:54 (from 12:47)
  • h) 46:06 (to 4:17)