• 1968-11-03
  • A series of clips from the show was discovered by Peel Mailing List user andysmith10 and is now available, currently spread over two files. The original recording was heavily edited and many of the Peel links were cut.
  • Full tracklisting info, including tracks omitted, courtesy of Ken Garner via Peel Mailing List. Many thanks to Ken! Tracks marked § are on the PasB but missing from the available files from Andy.
  • (Eddie: message to Peel Mailing List, Aug 2009): Here's 81 mins+ from the Top Gear of 3rd November 1968. This recording picks up at the Deviants tracks and continues pretty much to the end of the broadcast. It augments the clips that Andy has already posted from the same show. Andy's clips are much better quality, but this one is a continuous run, including Peel remarks, with only an edit for news. In this week's episode, find out why Peel disapproved of Hendrix's Electric Ladyland cover, despite knowing one of the "young ladies" in the picture, and hear him attempt to scrounge a lift to Nottingham. Also mentioned: Tony Blackburn, Tariq Ali and Leapy Lee(!).


  • Peel spends much of the show trying to cadge a lift from anyone listening up to Nottingham that evening for a gig with Dusty Bennett. He eventually succeeds but then discovers he's doing an entirely different live event in the same city, with the Bakerloo Blues Line at Nottingham Boat Club.
  • Mentions seeing Occasional Word Ensemble at the LSE the previous evening and says he will be at the Royal Albert Hall the following Tuesday to see Pentangle, who are in session on the show.


(Please add details of any commercial release of these sessions)


  • Top Gear signature tune, played by the Joe Moretti Group §
  • The Idle Race: On With The Show (LP - The Birthday Party) Liberty LBL 83132E §
  • Love Sculpture: Wang Dang Doodle (session) §
  • Love: Laughing Stock (b-side of single Your Mind and We Belong Together) Elektra EKSN 45038 §
  • Duster Bennett: Worried Mind (session) §
  • The Fugs: Crystal Liason (single) Big T BIG 115
  • Pentangle: Sovay (session) §
  • Nazz: Open My Eyes (single) SGC 219001

tape change

File 3 cuts in

show ends


  • (1) Tracks 3.mp3
  • (2) Tracks 4.mp3
  • (3) Top Gear - 1968-11-03
  • (1) 00:20:34
  • (2) 00:38:01
  • (3) 01:21:56
  • (1, 2) Many thanks to Andy for the files, and Ken for the tracklisting information
  • (1) Tracks 3 (last three tracks of file)
  • (2) Tracks 4 (all tracks after tape change)
  • (3) Many thanks to Eddie! Re-up by SIG.
  • 1) Currently unavailable
  • 2) Currently unavailable
  • 3) Mooo

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