• 1980-06-03
  • A two-hour show of which a little under half survives. The available portions are in two parts, one containing material from another show (see below).
  • John's playing of a new single by Bill Nelson prompts him to dig out Be Bop Deluxe's first single from 1973. He admits having had two copies and lending one to an unknown party at Radio 1 and never getting it back.
  • Full tracklisting below is courtesy of Tishbriz's John Peel Book at Flickr. Many thanks to Tishbriz for sharing the information.[1]
  • The Radio Times featured this review under tonight's listing (excerpt): "Since Radio 1 began, there has been a seemingly endless stream of groups introduced to the listeners through guesting on John Peel's programme, most of whom have become important and influential in their own musical field...Tonight's guests are unknown, and as yet unavailable on record. Perhaps this is only the beginning for The Monoconics, a Sunderland trio, and Manchester's Diagram Brothers, not related, but all claiming the surname Diagram".[2]



(JP: 'We've got three goldfish, you know, the newest of them is called Tilly.')
(JP: 'Curiously enough, and this is absolutely true, I did have a dream last night that I do remember being in colour. Walters and myself were in Dallas, Texas, and what exactly we were doing there I don't know. Not a lot, as I recall.')
(second file)
(JP: 'Do animals believe in God? I think the answer is probably a resounding "no". My dog Maya thinks that I'm God: a rather unsatisfactory god, certainly, but God nevertheless. I feel like God meself a little bit when he lies at my feet and stares up adoringly at me, and I pat him in a reassuring and slightly patronising fashion.')
(recording ends)


  • 1980-06-03 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete)
  • 1980-02-20 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete)
  • 00:39:16
  • 00:23:15 (this portion of the show ends at 00:17:05. The remainder is from 20 February 1980.

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