• 1997-12-03
  • JP in fast-paced, upbeat mood as if lots to pack in.
  • Three recordings were made of this show. Tape (a) was recorded onto a TDK D90 by RazorBladeAlley.  Sound quality very poor at the start of both sides of the cassette: Side A settles down by track 2; Side B problems with sound quality, most sound recorded onto left channel up to track 17. Note - this file was never shared. Tape (b) shared by Isector. Tape (c) shared by Max-Dat, completes the penultimate track
  • Arab Strap track. JP says this is from the "Arab Strap At Christmas E.P." but I can find no mention of it anywhere online nor do I remember seeing it about so have listed the same track where it appeared on 'Philophobia' album.
  • Note - Lorcan's Tracklistings catalogue the Arab Strap track as being from the White Label version of Philophobia


  • Magic Dirt #1. Recorded 1997-10-28 at Maida Vale 5. Produced by Mike Robinson. Engineered by Lisa Softley.
  • On the limited edition 2xCD edition of their album "What Are Rock Stars Doing Today" are included the tracks "Ice" and "Heavy Business" from this session.


(Recording (b) starts just before next track)
(Recording (a) begins)
(Recording (b) tape flip)
(Recording (a) tape flip)
(Recording (b) ends 2:24 into above track)


  • (a)
  • (b) Peel Show 1997-12-03
  • (c) dat_147.mp3
  • (a) 90 mins approx.
  • (b) 01:33:37
  • (c) 04:02:13 (00:23:46-01:03:08) (from 01:02:43 unique)
  • b) Many thanks to Isector.
  • c) Many thanks to Max-Dat. Dat 147

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