• 1996-11-02
  • John suggests that 'mincecore' band Agathocles may be offered a session in the near future. This did in fact happen: their one and only session for the show was recorded at the end of May 1997.
  • Following the Spencer Wiggins track, JP announces that voting is now open for the 1996 Festive Fifty.



(JP: 'Another one of the highlights of my trip to Germany was a chance to go and see FC St Pauli in Hamburg. My sort of football team really, leftward leaning the spectators are supposed to be and also they have this as their signature tune, which makes them pretty fine.')
(JP: 'I feel sufficiently confident really to start hustling for faxes now, so if you feel like sending a fax, it will get read, won't be ignored, and the number is 0645 110 100 or it used to be when I was a boy. Things may have changed, who can possibly say.')
(JP: 'Since the invention of the wheel, man has been battling against the machine and I think I'd just defeated this one, actually, because some of the technology here in the studio as you can imagine is enormously sophisticated and probably better than anything else in the whole of the rest of the world, but on this particular occasion I think I've defeated the machine because although it said on the machine that that was track 6, it actually did play us track 5... these machines aren't going to get me you know. You see all that stuff in the papers about how humankind is going to be controlled by machines within a few years - not me pal, I can tell you that!')
(JP: 'This is Gorky's, and when they recorded this for a session, way back in January, February, April, March, fourth month, March, it was called "Diam Atsain"' - John is so flustered he forgets the calendar! The session was actually recorded in April and broadcast on 11 May 1996)
(JP: 'There are so many peachy keen records around at the moment and this is but one of them. I've got a carpet full of stuff that's come in during the last couple of weeks and still two large boxes of things upstairs as well which I'll have to take home tomorrow.')
(JP: 'I have to say that with these new studios and my unfamiliarity with them, I get into such a panic before the programme and stay so nervous throughout it, that it's... I wouldn't say it's not a pleasure for me to do them but at the same time I'm more nervous than I am sort of enjoying myself. That was the first time throughout the entire thing that I've relaxed. I feel a lot better now.')
  • Twenty Miles, '20 Miles (3 x 7 inch EP set-Ragged Backyard Classics)' (In The Red)
  • Revelino, 'Step On High (7 inch)' (Musidisc)
(JP: 'I love that record to the point of madness, I have to say, even the bits when they go "bah bah bah".')
  • Greenhaus, 'Don't Be Clever' (Eurobeat 2000) #
  • (John apologises for the disc skipping at the beginning, blaming it on accumulated dirt on the record. He laments the loss of his "Parastamp Disc Preener" - this was almost certainly a vintage Cecil Watts Parostatik Disc Preener, although it could also have been a Watts Parastat, both of which were discontinued in the late 1970s.)
  • Mainliner, 'Tsukisasaro' (LP-Japan: New Psychedelic Underground)' (Manifatture Criminali)
(JP: 'You're going to think that I've messed up the start of this, but it does fade in halfway through the first word, thus. I nearly killed myself with that previous one, incidentally, cos it came in with such a bang and I had it turned up too loud. Certain amount of blood, but not too much.')

Tracks marked # also on File 2


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