• 1988-02-02
  • Session artists Cookie Crew (with the Beatmasters) are #5 in that week's singles charts with Rok Da House. Appears from Peel's comments about their first track that they had only one session.
  • The five tracks from the Disappointments last a mere 2 minutes 45.
  • Before playing Bing Crosby's "Gay Love", Peel comments that "presumably I won't be able to play you this" when Clause 28 of the local government bill comes becomes law.



Part 1

  • Twang: Snap Back (7") Ron Johnson
  • Disappointments: Better You Than Me / Scar Yourself / Drink It Away / Brainwashed / Possessed (EP) Ice Pick
  • Bing Crosby: Gay Love
  • Woodentops: You Make Me Feel (7") Rough Trade
  • Fantasy Club: Mystery Girl (12") International House
  • 27 Devils Joking: Where's Bo Diddley When We Need Him (LP: Actual House) Fundamental
  • Cookie Crew: The Place To Be (Peel Session)
  • Bastard Kestrel: Tardive (7" - Cor Trance) Goldhanger Records
  • U-Roy with John Holt: Wear You To The Ball (7") Treasure Isle
  • Cyclic Amp: Turkey Shop (12" - Mini Album: Ugly As Power) Probe Plus
  • Bomb The Bass: Beat Dis (12") Mister-Ron
  • Buzzcocks: What Do I Get? (12" - The Peel Sessions) Strange Fruit
  • UT: Evangelist (2xLP - In Gut's House) Blast First
  • Terry Gibbs: Gibberish (LP - Mallets-A-Plenty) Emarcy
  • Crucial Youth: Be Kind, Rewind (7" - Straight And Loud) Faith Records
    (JP decides 33 1/3 is the best speed to play this one)
  • Cookie Crew: The Cut Master Swift Rap (Peel Session)

Part 2

  • Kahondo Style: Green Dream (LP - Green Tea & Crocodiles) Nato
  • H.D.Q.: Have Faith (LP - You Suck!) Meantime Records
  • Stella Chiweshe: Chamakuwende (LP - Ambuya? Zimbabwe's Queen Of The Mbiza) Globe Style
  • Sugarcubes: Cold Sweat Remix (12") One Little Indian
JP: "I'm never entirely sure about remixes really. I like to have them, because that's the kind of twerp that I am, but at the same time, they didn't have to remix Teenage Kicks did they?"
  • Rosehips: Loophole (12" EP - I Shouldn't Have To Say) Subway Organization
JP: "Rather a messy program this, for which I apologise, I mean the music is OK, but I'm pretty terrible tonight.
  • Sir Drew & Rapski: Notting Hill (Album, Compilation: Known 2 Be Down) Positive Beat Records
  • Bhundu Boys: Writing On The Wall (Single issued in Zimbabwe, taken from Peel Session)
  • Cud: You Sexy Thing (12" - The Peel Sessions) Strange Fruit
JP: "...and to follow Cud, I think you'll agree, fairly logically ..."
  • Cows: Redhouse (LP - Taint Pluribus Taint Unum) Treehouse Records
  • Primitives: Crash (7") RCA
  • Cookie Crew: It's Gotta Be Fresh (Peel Session)
  • SDT: It's A Groove (7" - Eleven Parts) Paradox
    (JP announces them as STD, but they are called SDT, short for Suburban Death Trip)
  • Doom: Slave To Convention (Album, Compilation: A Vile Peace) Peaceville
  • Ripple: Willie, Pass The Water (LP - Ripple) GRC
  • Chesterfields: Sob Sob Story (Album, Compilation - Surfin' In The Subway) Subway
  • A.C. Marias: Time Was (7") Mute
JP: "Thanks very much for listening ... and for being patient really"

Peel show from 02 June 1987

  • Billy Cowie: Josephine Von Brunsvik (12" - Beethoven In Love) Divas
  • Sonic Youth: Stereo Sanctity (LP - Sister) Blast First
(Tape cuts off before Peel plays a Polish track, which a listener sent to him from Poland below)
  • TZN-Xenna: Dzieci Z Brudnej Ulicy (7") Tonpress


  • RADIO 1 02 02 88 JOHN PEEL PART 1.MP3
  • RADIO 1 02 02 88 JOHN PEEL PART 2.MP3
  • 1.03.19
  • 1.03.24
  • All requests for re-uploading to Peel Mailing List
  • Approx. 2 minutes missing (presumably between the two parts)

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